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Lady Ejector 4 pack Mixed Colors 222345

Lady Ejector 4 pack Mixed Colors 222345

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  • HELPS KEEP YOUR HANDS STAIN-FREE IN STYLE! - With the Denicotea Lady Ejector Holder you can enjoy your smoking in style! This holder is great for making sure that your fingers do not get stained.
  • BRINGING BACK THE ELEGANCE - Denicotea is designed to add a certain level of style and sophistication while enjoying your smoke.
  • THE PERFECT LENGTH - The Denicotea Lady Ejector Holder is the perfect length and size. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and at 116mm it is also the perfect length
  • WORKS WITH OPTIONAL FILTERS - For those who like to add a filter to their cigarette holder, The Lady Ejector Holder is perfect for you! Not only does it add sophistication, but it also allows you to include a filter if you would like. The Lady Ejector Series can utilize both regular Denicotea Filters, or Denicotea Long Filters. Our filters are designed to fit perfectly and ensure that no smoke bypasses the filter.
  • BUILT WITH GERMAN ENGINEERING - All Denicotea products are designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials


Denicotea Lady Ejector Holder with filter slot. This high quality cigarette holder has an integrated replaceable crystal filter holder and an ejector mechanism with which the stub or butt can be removed from the holder cup by pulling the cup back. This allows a hands-free removal of the cigarette butt and helps avoid cigarette residue from getting on your fingers. Unscrew this device to reveal the clever tube of crystals which filters out the tar and nicotine from the tobacco smoke as you inhale. Change the filter as required, usually between 10-15 cigarettes. This Denicotea holder can be used with Regular filters and Denicotea Long filters. The Denicotea holder design ensures that the taste is unchanged and the use is comfortable. Holder can only be used with Denicotea filters. Only an original Denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter. This holder is suitable for normal size cigarettes only, this holder is not for slim cigarettes. Length of the holder is 116 mm long


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