About Denicotea Filters

Willy Heineberg founded Denicotea in 1932, producing the Denicotea filter for holders with silica gel in Cologne, Germany. Production started with the manufacture of the patented Denicotea filter for holders and a small range of Denicotea cigarette holders. After World War II, the company moved from Cologne to Bergisch Gladbach/Refrath and began expanding the manufacture of their patented Denicotea cigarette holders, Denicotea pipes, and Denicotea filter for holders. Today, Denicotea GmbH exports it's products all over the world.

Denicotea regular filter for holders are made from silica gel. With its' highly porous structure, silica gel reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke to a high degree. As nicotine and other byproducts are absorbed, the color of the Denicotea filter for holders changes from white to dark brown, making it easy for the user to recognize when it is time to change the Denicotea filter. Each of Denicotea filter for holders has a red cap, making it easy to identify the Denicotea brand of Denicotea filter for holders.

Originally, cigarette holders and filters were used to reduce the harshness of the tobacco and prevent nicotine stains on fingers. They also keep the smoker's lips away from the cigarette end, and to prevent pieces of tobacco from entering the smoker's mouth. Cigarette filters came into wider use in the 1950's as a means to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. Different products were used in the filter,these days the use of cellulose acetate as the main ingredient is commonly used by most manufacturers.

The Denicotea regular filter for holders has been made from silica gel since it's inception in 1932 and remains one of the best materials to reduce tar and other tobacco byproducts from the inhaled smoke. Filters used in filter-tipped cigarettes are also produced with minute holes in the wrapping, allowing air to mix with the smoke. This reduces the amount of smoke inhaled and consequently, the amount of nicotine. The Denicotea regular filter for holders is made especially for Denicotea holders and provides a snug fit, preventing the flow of smoke around the filter. This traps tar and other byproducts in a more effective way, allowing the smoker to enjoy the full flavor of the cigarette without compromise.