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Denicool - 12gr - Pipe Crystals 60611

Denicool - 12gr - Pipe Crystals 60611

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  • ADDS A SMOOTH, COOL MORE ROUNDED FLAVOR - Looking for a cool, more rounded tobacco flavor from your pipe? Then Denicotea Denicool filters are exactly what you need. They improve the flavor and the smoke, and help keep the pipe clean for optimal flavor.
  • HELPS KEEP THE BOTTOM OF YOUR PIPE CLEAN - Denicool pipe filters are convenient for helping to keep the bottom of the pipe cleaner. A cleaner pipe leads to a smoother, cleaner smoke.
  • CAN REDUCE TAR AND CARCINGENS - Denicotea Denicool pipe filter crystals help to absorb some of the tar and carcinogens from smoking tobacco.
  • MELLOWS THE FLAVOR OF STRONGER PIPE TOBACCO - There are some stronger tobacco products on the market and they can be more harsh to smoke. Denicotea Denicool pipe filters are designed to mellow the harshness of those stronger tobacco products.
  • ABSORBS MOISTURE - Denicotea Denicool pipe filter crystals help you to avoid the unpleasant effect of getting moisture in your mouth from your pipe during times of excessive smoking. The crystals absorb the moisture and keeps your pipe dry.


Choose Denicotea Denicool Filter Crystals for a mild cool and dry smoke. Put some crystals into the bottom of the pipe bowl, then fill the bowl with tobacco as usual. After enjoying the smoke empty the pipe together with the crystals. Denicool will have changed its color to dark brown because it is saturated with condensate. This proves its high efficiency as an absorbant. Denicool filter crystals ensure a cool, mild and dry smoke. They reduce tar and nicotine and absorb additional humidity while keeping the flavor of the tobacco.


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