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Denitip Glamour Holder from Denicotea - 6 holders per pack 10130

Denitip Glamour Holder from Denicotea - 6 holders per pack 10130

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  • HELPS KEEP YOUR HANDS STAIN-FREE IN STYLE! - With the Denicotea Denitip Disposable Holder with Integrated Filter you can enjoy your smoking in style! This holder is great for making sure that your facial hair, fingers, and lips do not get stained from nicotine.
  • CONVENIENT AND DISPOSABLE - For those of you that are on the go and don't have time to fumble around with replacement filers or cleaning your devices, the Denicotea Denitip Dispoable Cigarette holder with Integrated Filter is perfect! For those on the go with an active lifestyle, don't let your holder slow you down.
  • A COMPACT, PORTABLE DESIGN - The Denicotea Denitip Cigarette Holder with Integrated Filter is the perfect length and size. It is small and conpact, and can easily be stored in your pocket, purse, or glove box. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and it is perfect for all standard size cigarettes.
  • NO NEED TO CHANGE YOUR FILTER - Because the Denitip is designed to be disposable, you will never need to mess with filters or cleaning your holder. With the filter built in, you won't get tar or residue on your fingers. After 10-15 cigarettes, just toss it out and start with a fresh one!
  • BUILT WITH GERMAN ENGINEERING - All Denicotea products are designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials


Denicotea Denitip Glamour Holder 10130 - Denitip Holders measures 50 mm long.
Denitip is a particularly short and therefore unobtrusive holder with an integrated silica gel filter. It is equipped with an integrated silica gel filter and can be used 10 to 15 times. Due to the highly porous structure of the silica gel and its ability to absorption, denitip reduces nicotine and condensate by about one third without changing the taste. Denitip is small, lightweight and uncomplicated. Denitips come packed in boxes of 6 tips.


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